Chevrolet Volt

5,000 Miles Automatic 1.5L Sedan Petrol

Appleton, WI

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The reborn Volt dispenses with the outgoing model’s futuristic design in favor of a mainstream contemporary look inside and out. There’s now a bench seat in back, so three-across seating is possible in a pinch. Although it has the appearance of a swoopy sedan, the Volt is actually a hatchback — but the cargo area holds no more than a conventional trunk due to the intrusive lithium-ion battery pack.

The Volt is powered by a pair of electric motors that together produce 149 horsepower. After about 53 miles of driving (up from 38 last year), the gas-powered generator kicks in to keep the motor humming. When the generator is in use, the Volt achieves 42 mpg in combined driving, a gain of 5 mpg. When necessary, the generator will also assist with propulsion, but that’s a relatively rare event. As you might expect, the Volt operates in near silence, even under heavy acceleration.

Vehicle Details
Status New Car
Type Sedan
Price 33,170
Year 2016
Miles 5000
Exterior Red
Interior Black
Drive Left
Transmission Automatic
Petrol Petrol

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